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Admiral Auto-Q Queue Management System

A web-based software solution that manages customer queueing and streamlines the process for different types of transactions and services. No unnecessary waiting around for visitors, just a steady flow of satisfied customers.


Kiosk View

Basically, this is where patrons are placed in a digital queue. They enter the virtual queue line by entering the necessary information using a self-service, touch screen kiosk in which a ticket will be generated and printed right after.

Administrator Dashboard View

This is where the System Administrator/s can be able to check and monitor the daily transactions, complete with graphical representation of the transaction history.

Through this dashboard, the System Administrator/s can also set up branches, user accounts, available counters and types of transactions.

Digital Signage View

Mounted on the wall, this is where the customers can see where they are in line. While waiting for their ticket number to be called, product information and other entertaining programs displayed on the screen will keep their focus away on how long they have waited in the queue.

Once their ticket number is called, the customer is intimated which specific counter or representative to approach.

Benefits And Advantage • Integrated with digital signage for entertaining waiting customers

•Increases sales by leveraging digital advertising and smart routing

• Hassle-free maintenance; no need to install software at agent counters
• Easy and simple to use; allowing more customer engagement

• Efficient customer flow resulting in enhanced service quality level

• Optimizes staff performance thus maximizing their productivity

• Intelligently designed and customizeable according to industry needs

Specifications and Details

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
HDD Space 600 MB available storage space (HDD)
RAM 512 MB of system memory (RAM)
Processor 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) dual core processor
Video Card 32 MB of graphics memory with support for DirectX 9
Others Optical drive (DVD-ROM), USB Interface (High Speed USB 2.0 or better)