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GROOT Series Bluetooth Speaker Disney/Marvel Official Authorized

• Multimedia speakers, computer speakers, theater speakers, karaoke horn
• Carrying type
• 3.7V 600mAh battery capacity
• 3W Output Power

GROOT Series LED Lamp Disney/Marvel Official Authorized

• Open the bottom switch, there will be power on: I am Groot
• The pot is an interactive sensor
• Can adjust the brightness according to preferences, feel should adjust the brightness: 5% to 100%
• LED lamps environmental protection, energy saving, power saving function
• USB 2.0
• 110V
• 100 cm Transmission line length

GROOT Series USB Flash Drive Disney/Marvel Official Authorized

• 8GB / 16GB / 32GB
• Lovely GROOT shape
• Office, home to ease the small things
• Hidden USB connector, durable, convenient collection
• memory waterproof design (before connecting the computer to confirm the chip has been dry)

STAR-LORD Series Bluetooth Speaker Disney/Marvel Official Authorized

• 80 years of engraved version of Walkman (modeling) design
• Simple and lightweight portable
• For Bluetooth or flash drive MP3 music (flash drive size limit)
• Retro and technology, to retain the classic, fashion still

AWESOME MIX Series OTG Flash Drive Disney/Marvel Official Authorized

• Mini KUSO fun essays
• With the new sliding USB connector
• Hidden USB connector, beautiful and durable, easy collection
• combination of technology, KUSO fun, lightweight and practical, but also with the star Jazz favorite engraved version of the use of Bluetooth speakers

ROCKET Series iPhone/iPad Sync Cable Disney/Marvel Official Authorized

• Full use of metal material
• Two-in-one metal key ring / coil storage ring
• Joint design is not easy to break