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Alcotorch V2 Breath Alcohol Analyzer

Key Features
• 3 Individual Button:
-Torch Control, Batch Control, Alcohol Testing Button
• Torch Features:
-Bright White, High, Low, Flash
• Batch Features:
-Alert Red Light, Bright, Flash

Product Specifications

Sensor 16mm Fuel Cell
Measuring Mode Auto Sampling, Manual Sampling
Pumping Mode Auto Sampling, Manual Sampling
Detection Range 0 - 400 mg/100mL BAC
Sensitivity 0.5 mg/100mL BAC
Display 1.29” OLED colour display
Button 3 individual button: Torch Control, Batch Control and Alcohol testing button
Accuracy At the standard concentration 50mg.100mL BAC:
A. blowing distance < 5cm: ±5.0mg/100mL
B. blowing distance 5 - 10cm: ±6.0mg/100mL
C. blowing distance > 10cm: ±10.0mg/100mL
Testing time 1 - 15 sec
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Storage Humidity 20% to 98%
Storage Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Atmospheric pressure 600 - 1400 hPa
Battery 18650 Lithium Battery: 4.35V/3000mAh
Battery Life 3,000 tests
Weight 245g (included battery)
Size 300mm x 44mm
Power Consumption Alcohol Testing < 50mA; Batch and Torch on, 600mA
Torch features Bright white, HIGH, LOW and FLASH
Batch features ALERT RED LIGHT, BRIGHT and Flash
Power Saving Mode Under alcohol testing mode, it will shut down automatically after 5 mins. Under Torch and Batch mode, this function is disabled