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Brother Electronic Typewriter GX 6750

Compact and Portable Typewriter for Student, Home or Business Use.
With its robust styling the Brother GX-6750 is specially designed for student, home or small business use, and is compact and portable for easy storage after use. Don't take our word for it.

Simply acquaint yourself with the familiar QWERTY keyboard and with a touch of the keys, see just how easy it is to use. It comes complete with a daisy wheel, ribbon, correction tape, and a keyboard cover which doubles as paper support.

Our Values and Principles

Typing Pitch
Correction System
Correction System
Professional touch keyboard
10 and 12 pitch typing (Pica and Elite)
65 character correction memory
Automatic "Word-Out" correction system erases a single word at the touch of a button

Specifications and Details

Carriage 12.87 "
Typing Width 9 "
Typing Pitch 10 and 12 ( Pica and Elite )
Typing Speed 12 characters per second
Line Spacing 1, 1.5, 2
Keyboard 96 characters
Copy Capacity Original plus four ( carbon copy )
Keyboard Memory Correction 1 Line up to 65 characters
Correction Systems Automatic "Word-Out" correction system
Line indent Yes
Dimensions (W x D X H) 417 x 384 x 135 mm
Weight 4.5kg
Warranty 6 months Carry-in Warranty 

NOTE: The warranty period for this equipment covers at least a minimum of 6 months from the date of registered purchase. It will only be extended for another 6 months if the consumer fills-up and sends the extended warranty application form to Brother Philippines.