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Time/Date Stamping Machine The most advanced Time/Date/Numbering Printer TP-20 has arrived at the market. With the long expirience in the TP-10 on the market worldwide.

The new TP-20 made another gigantic progress in functions and offers more convenient and versatile features than ever, Additionally user-friendly button operation on the front panel enables you to set easily the clock to your desired mode. The TP-20 is a new ideal choice for every business application you want to record time, date and/or numbering.

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Key Features - Selectable print formats
• 2 or 4 digits year imprint
• AM/PM or 24 hours format
• Regular minute, 1/10, 1/100 or 5/100 of an hour
• 13 preset comments such as PAID, FILED, or SENT
• Languages in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese
- 4 digits numeric password for program protection
- Special mark "*" printing for irregular recognition by each day of the week
- Designed for wall or table mounting
- Built-in relay synchronized bell ringing (Optional)

- Never needs resetting and keep time during power failures
- Perpectual calendar until the Year 2099 changes year, month and date automatically.
- Chooses left or right hand margin printing
- Large window for accurate alignment of form
- Printing selection include Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Combination
- Autmomatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time
- 1 to 8 digits numbering: Up to nine repeats
- Selectable printing orders: 29 preset format such as "31 JAN 2013 10:08"
- Customizable Printing: Up to three seperate lines
- Slave clock synchronization (Optional) - Rechargeable battery backup: For printing operation during power failures (Optional)

Specifications and Details

Clock Digital (date and time)
Accuracy Monthly accuracy ± 15sec. (at ordinary temperature)
Ribbon cassette Mono color (black) fabric
Power 120V AC or 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 156 x 181 x 177mm (6.14 x 7.13 x 6.97 in.)
Weight Approx. 1.8kg (4.01b)



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