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Chubbsafes The Chubb brothers began supplying safes to English banks in 1818. The Chubb business grew steadily throughout the 1800s and 1900s, its client list including the Bank of England and the Tower of London. 

In 2000, Gunnebo acquired Chubbsafes, by now a well-known brand with a particularly strong presence in the UK, South Africa, Australia and parts of Asia. 

Chubbsafes’ fireproof and burglary-resistant safes and vaults are renowned for their quality, strength and trustworthiness. The products are sold largely through dealer networks across Europe and the rest of the world.

Product Certification Our safes and vaults need to be tested and certified to prove that they will offer the burglary and fire protection we say they will.

Importantly, these tests are carried out by skilled independent bodies in accordance with established international standards.
This ensures credible and reliable results based on a recognized classification system.

This section will tell you more about how these tests are carried out, which certificates our products carry and how to check that your safe has a valid burglary or fire certification.

Burglary Test Our safes and vaults undergo tough independent tests which certify them for a certain level of burglary resistance.

This level of resistance is given in Grades starting at 0 and, climbing to VI for safes and XIII for vaults.

Fire Tests Chubbsafes fire safes undergo extremely tough fire tests to show that they will protect your documents or digital media in a fire.

Fire Endurance Test
The Fire Endurance Test simulates the searing temperatures of a real office fire by heating a safe in a furnace to temperatures around 1000˚C.