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Brother PT-D200KT Labelling Machine (Hello Kitty)

  • Brand: Brother
  • Product Code: PT-D200KT
  • Availability: In Stock

First-ever P-touch labeller with Hello Kitty character model

Specially designed for the personal purposes of hobby and home applications, users have the flexibility of making labels with Hello Kitty symbols and frames.

With a small footprint area, the PT-D200KT can be used to customise labels with in-built Hello Kitty designs, suitable for organising personal belongings and stationery.


Label Sizes: Choose from 3.5, 6, 9, 12 mm label width to suit your labelling needs

Print Speed: 20mm/sec

Usage Options: Design and print using built-in QWERTY keyboard, allowing users to create labels in a quick and easy manner

Print Resolution: 180 dpi


Wide Variety of Symbols and Frames

Ideal for the hobbyists to create beautiful labels with built-in Hello Kitty character model symbols and frames.

(Inclusive of 34 Hello Kitty symbols and 22 Hello Kitty frames, on top of many other designs)

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Ideal for a wide range of work environments from manufacturing to retail, P-Touch laminated labels are designed to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, UV rays, industrial chemicals and abrasion.

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