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Chubbsafes DataPlus+ Cabinet Fire Resistant Data Protection (Size 3)

  • Brand: Chubbsafes
  • Product Code: DATAPLUS SIZE 3
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DataPlus + Cabinet

Fire Resistant Data Protection

The NEW DataPlus + Cabinet range from Chubbsafes has been expertly designed ensure you have the best protection for your vital data media now with extra capacity.

Key Features

- Easy slam action emergency closing in event of a fire.

- Generous capacity. Chubbsafes cabinet have been designed to give you more for your money than most other manufacturer's cabinet.

- Quality media protection.

- 2 hours datamedia protection label. Tested to the highest international standars; UL 72 and EN 1047-1. CEN Norm is certified by ECB.S in class S 120 DIS.

- Easy to transport and install. Low weight radio due to advance fire protection barrier material.

- Ability to customise by using internal fittings to optimise your storage capacity.

- Removable front plate allows usage of a pallet loader for a more efficient installation, additionally allowing a cost advantage to the customer.

- Ability to base fix to the floor for an effective prevention of physical removal.

- The cabinet is fitted with a keylock as a standard. However, you may require the monitoring of access to your sensitive data and therefore we have a series of electronic locks changing from basic locking to more sophisticated audit trails.

- The cabinet is an attactive light grey which fits in well in most office interiors.

External Dimensions

Height: 1471 mm

Width: 746 mm

Depth: 780 mm

Internal dimensions

Height: 1125 mm

Width: 490 mm

Depth: 400 mm

Internal volume: 221 litres

Weight: 490 kg

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