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Cash Handlings

Counterfeit Detector- By visualizing the IR marks, you can easily find the “super quality” counter..

Desktop Type Counterfeit Detector- Desktop Type Counterfeit Detector utilizing Ultra Violet- Lamps w..

Desktop Type Counterfeit Detector- Can perform bundle checking, show watermarks and fluorescent mark..

Banknote Discriminator–With Serial Recording FunctionNC-1200 equipped with CIS sensor for serial n..

Fitness SorterNC-6500 is the world smallest fitness sorter, perfectly fits for tellers need to do f..

Improvement on the model J-710A- Using the most sophisticated technology- And the highest standards ..

FEATURES- Counterfeit detection - UV detection - Magnetic Ink Detection (Optional) - Infrared det..

FEATURES- Half, chain detecting function - Batch presetting, add counting - Alarm stop with error ..

FEATURES- Auto / manual counting. - UV, MG, MT detecting function. (optional) - Width, double, hal..

FEATURES- With LED screen display and 17 buttons control - With AUTO and MANUAL function - With Do..

FEATURES- Large LCD display with 13 control button - Auto start, stop and clear - Batching, adding..

FEATURESThe KOA-75 series are the most trusted and long-selling banknote counter available on the ..

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