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Trident Safes

Burglary Protection

Trident Safe has been designed and
developed to meet the demanding
requirements of the financial and
commercial sectors. Trident safe has
been subjected to the most
stringent, in house destructive tests
in accordance with international test

Key Features • Fire Resistant – Tested in accordance to the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS S1037-1989 for a 90 minutes fire rating.

• Fitting – The safe comes with a standard internal steel shelf, adjustable at intervals to suit individual customer requirments. Internal drawers are also made of steel and are individually secured by a key lock with keys in duplicate.

• Paint Finish – In order to protect against potential corrosion, all Chubbsafes Trident models and degreasing are subjected to a multi stage anti rust cleaning and degreasing process, prior to epoxy priming and high quality polyurethane top coat finishing. This ensures that the products not only provide high grade security but
also a top class appearance.

• Keyless Combination Lock – Secured by one 3-wheel combination lock listed under UL Group 2, VdS class 2, CEN B, A2P B. Capable of 1,000,000 changes of code. The operation of this lock is simple. The code can be changed easily and security can be maintained over the safe whenever there is a change of staff.<br />

• Key Lock – Secured by one 11 lever double bitted non key retaining key lock with detachable key bit.
• Body – the 100mm thick monolithic barrier construction consists of a fibre high strength steel reinforced Miltonex N400 concrete formula, which incorporates an abrasive and drill resistant aggregate. The barrier construction also reinforced with expanded metal. This is encapsulated between inner and outer steel plates. The composite construction ensures high levels of resistance to all types of mechanical and thermal tools, both against direct penetration and delamination type attacks.

• Door – The door which has an overall thickness of 210mm is protected by a keyless combination and a key lock. Each lock is protected by advanced drill resistant plates. Further protection is ensured by an anti drive feature and a secondary relocking system, which is automatically activated in the event of an attack on the primary locks. The rear of the door is retained by a full length docking feature. This, together with a 3 way multiple moving bolt engagement system, incorporating substantial 32mm DIA engagement bolts, guarantees retention of the door to the body closure, even in the most severe of forcing attacks.

• Locking – Fitted with a 3-wheel Keyless Combination Lock protected by a Glass Relocker and11-lever Key Lock protected by a drill resistant manganese steel plate. Both locks operate independently of each other. The Relocker is further protected by a plate embedded with Tungsten Carbide pin. This further strengthens the drill resisting qualities of the relocker.